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Property Owner Benefits:

• Economically reach an international audience of corporate travelers
• Access a comprehensive Owners Handbook to help answer your questions about getting started 
• Take advantage of discounted services for credit card set-up, background and credit checks, special insurance, lease documents, professional photography through our partner firms.

Some of whom we successfully serve:

Business Clients – find quality furnished extended stay residences in Denver proper. Choose a condo, townhouse or single-family home, in a convenient location while avoiding the transient feel of commercial housing. You can feel more at home while you’re away. 
Personal Travel – it’s hard to predict when some event may call you away from home for an extended period. Some travel may be planned and some may not. These may include extended family visits, housing while relocating, extended vacations, medical needs, etc.
Insurance Claim Housing – experience an unexpected problem with your home and need a place for your family while the needed work is successfully completed? Make sure the insurance representative you are working with researches the availability of corporate housing in your area of Denver. You have a good possibility of finding something in your neighborhood.
Traveling Nurse Housing – on an assignment in Denver you’ll want an economical and comfortable place to retire to after a long day. You’ll be able to find it here without having to resort to the expensive of a hotel or other commercial facility..
Under Construction – construction work on your existing home or waiting while your new home is completed in either case use Denver Corporate Housing to find a place to call home during this time.